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Code_Aster Windows – STA9.1

Code_Aster® Windows STA9.1
<em>Code_Aster</em>® Windows STA9.1

This package makes it possible to find almost all of the functionalities of the platform Code_Aster®, version STA9.1, under environment Windows® (2000 or XP).

This product emanates from R&D activities of NECS and its participation at the community of Code_Aster® Libre.

It should be noted that this operation was largely facilitated by the work of some particularly active members of the community of Code_Aster® Libre (see details on this link). This shearing of efforts has made it possible, a few months ago, to delivery a complete package containing Code_Aster® Windows as well as all the tools necessary to its use under Windows&rag; environment.

Older versions will remain available at this address


This package is delivered under LPG license, but is not yet qualified by EDF. However, it was validated by testing a list of the tests provided in the EDF distribution (see the result in the pdf below). In conformity with LPG license, all the modifications of sources are available here.

>> To visualize the assessment of validation of Code_Aster® Windows STA9.1
>> To know more about Code_Aster®

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