Assessment, Accident, Disaster

Disaster and accidents are stressful situations that require you to make quick decisions. However, an uninformed opinion can lead you to make mistakes. At Sixense necs we bring you our know-how and our expertise to help you make the best decisions whatever your situation.

Emergency situations that require quick responses.

Are you looking to assess the safety of your structure? Determine the origin of the problem? Evaluate the work needed to secure and repair a structure?

We can assist you.

What can we do for you?

We are regularly solicited for expertise or sapiteur missions. There are several reasons for these claims. They can be caused by design errors or by defects during the construction or during exceptional loading conditions.

However, the analysis and experience of our engineers allow us to understand each customer need. Thus, for each situation we respond with a complete and adapted offer.

The issues addressed cover a wide range of topics such as :

  • defects in buildings or individual housesdes accidents de manutention
  • load drops
  • Collapses of structures (engineering structures, chimneys, …) or equipment
  • climatic disasters

For each need we can :

  • Provide a preliminary expert opinion
  • To suggest a program of investigation
  • Conduct a study based on analytical analysis
  • Create numerical models
  • Give a physical and regulatory interpretation
  • Writing a report

What are our specificities?

Rely on our relevant and detailed advice.
These are more extensive than a regulatory deviation note.

Our experts understand all structural and material aspects.

We are aware of your economic challenges and their importance during such events.

In case of doubt we elaborate an investigation program to confirm and quantify our opinion.

Our references

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