Counter calculation

It is usual and even necessary that some structures are subject to a second expertise. Limit the costs, validate your calculations by an independent organization.

A counter validation on high risk projects!

The design phase of a project is subject to major financial issues. It is therefore essential to anticipate all potential defects. A complex structure with design flaws can quickly show signs of disruption.

To carry out an expertise, to control the costs or to take the best decisions for your structure, you need :

  • Carry out a counter-calculation taking into account all the phenomena impacting and evaluating the behavior of your structure
  • An expert opinion, free of any biases, capable of settling a technical debate
  • Carry out a complementary study to remedy a shortcoming of the initial study and optimize the work
  • Understanding the origins of the problem

At Sixense necs, we go back step by step to the calculations already made and check them for approval.

We take part in your project and bring a new vision to it. Through a thorough and objective study we help you make the best decision.

Thanks to the advanced calculation methods we use, we allow our customers to optimize the chosen solutions and thus reduce the costs of realization.

In the event of a conflict, we are able to provide the necessary scientific evidence to help determine who is responsible.

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An independent expert opinion

Recognition in the scientific and judicial community

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