The evolution of risks, the transformation of industries and the development of urbanism around activity zones significantly increase the number of structures concerned by the risks of criminal or accidental explosions.

Explosion, complex and regulated risks

An explosion can have dramatic consequences on the integrity of your structures. They can cause severe damage or even destroy your structures. In addition, they endanger employees, local residents and can have an impact on the environment.

The risks are known and most often anticipated. However, establishing a study taking into account all the ins and outs remains a complex subject. This is due to the technical complexity and the regulations in force.

Sixense necs advises you on pyrotechnic risks

We evaluate precisely all the risks of explosions to which you may be subjected. If you are a project owner, an operator, a construction company, an insurer, a law firm or an expert, we can answer your pyrotechnical problems.

Detonation and deflagration of pyrotechnic charges

Gas cloud explosion

Fluid release under high compression

Risks on several subjects

For several years, our engineers and experts have mastered the directives and regulations. They provide concrete and referenced answers, particularly for ICPE, nuclear sites and civil engineering structures. In addition, our engineers are familiar with the associated directives and regulations.

Urban area


Industrial sites


What are our specificities?

At Sixense necs, you can benefit from a free, no-obligation personal consultation with one of our experts.

We carry out projects at all levels: feasibility, APS, APD, EXE, counter calculations, project review, optimization.

Our solutions

We propose several solutions to our customers thanks to studies and notes justified by calculations. These are carried out on certified software.

  • Protection solution conception
  • Site development
  • Proposal of new processes
  • Integration of explosions in structural and material design
  • Counter-calculation
  • Architectural reinforcement
  • Project review and optimization
  • Pyrotechnic zoning
  • Assistance to the project owner
  • Economic solutions and cost evaluation

Two complete study packages adapted to your situation

Light package

This package offers :

  • an emergency assesment
  • an expert advice on possible solutions
  • a study using analytical methods, abacuses and business tools

Complete package

Ce format propose :

  • Critical analysis of input data
  • An optimization of the project parameters
  • Development of a methodology adapted to the client’s needs
  • A detailed interpretation of the regulations for financial optimization
  • A very thorough evaluation to determine an accurate structural response
  • An interpretation of the results to arrive at the appropriate technical and economic solution.

Our tools and skills

Our references

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