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Who are we?

We are a structural and material engineering design office. We accompany and advise our clients on all civil engineering matters.

For more than 20 years, our experts, engineers and developers have been listening to you and providing you with the appropriate solutions.

Secure your sites, save time, make the most sustainable and economical decisions, rely on Sixense necs.

Our engineering department will meet your needs, whatever they may be.

For each problem related to structures and materials, we bring our expertise, our advice, our digital solutions and our innovations to answer them.


First subject of expertise at Sixense necs, we can accompany you whatever your situation.


Discover our expert solutions for these effects on your structures, materials and their environment.

Fire, thermal and diffuse

Sources of complex subjects that few engineers master. We can help you.

Shock, impact, fall

For several years our engineers have developed a real expertise on studies dedicated to shocks, impacts and falls.

Claims and accident expertise

These emergency situations require a quick decision to determine the responsibility of each person. Our experts are at your disposal.


The vibratory sources are more and more numerous and powerful. These sources can put a lot of strain on your structures. Solutions exist.

New design

For many years our engineers have been finding economical, ecological and safe solutions for your new projects.

Reassessment and reinforcement

New standards, elements weakened by time, avoid the destruction of a structure by turning to more innovative solutions.


When faced with major financial issues, a second opinion is often the best solution. We can help you.

Innovation and technical advice

We develop solutions for a wide range of technical and regulatory requirements.

Research and development

The scientific knowledge and tools that allow us to better understand structures and materials are constantly evolving. We devote our resources to this.

Development of business tools

The business tools allow to clearly define each task of a study. They are the right solution to ensure the best performance and guarantee optimal quality.

Sixense necs : Numerical Engineering & Consulting Services

Our engineering office is part of the Sixense group, which supports clients throughout the life cycle of their sites and infrastructures, during the design, construction, maintenance and deconstruction phases.

The group’s activities are organized around four areas of expertise: engineering, monitoring, software solutions and process digitization and digitization of existing systems.

Our latest news

SIXENSE Necs as new SOFiSTiK Sales Partner in France

Starting on March 2017, SIXENSE Necs is an official reseller of SOFiSTiK FEA, CAD and BIM product line on the french market.

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Dolphin advances structural analysis

Dampier Salt Limited’s salt export berth at Mistaken Island – Austraia
Assessemnt of the capacity and identification of the critical elements of seven 43 years old Dolphins by elaboration a detailed three dimensional finite element modeling. Sensitivity linear and non linear computations based on different scenarios of deteriorated materials and failed components: piles corroded, tendons partially or fully corroded, etc.

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Study of vertical cylindrical tanks under seismic loads

Dimensioning and assessement of the minimal acceptable thinknesses based on both analytical and numerical approaches
Check of the existing tanks design based on an analytical calculation, and 3D finite elements modeling with a numerical non linear calculation taking into account the fluid-structure interaction in order to determine the minimal acceptable thickenesse of the tanks

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Seismic study of industrial piping

Site of Vern-sur-Seiche, France (ANTARGAZ)
Seismic study in the context of the 04/10/2010 Ministerial Order regarding classified industrial plants. Expertise and diagnosis of the seismic behavior of 5 pipe lines connecting a gaz tank to a truck filling and unloading zone

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Detailed pre-project studies

Extension of the fuel building (BK) at the site of Bugey
Check of the feasibility of the proposed design for the BK building extension, with seismic justification of the building and its extension at higher levels of earthquake than those chosen for the initial design.

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Project management (preliminary outline, project design, tender documents)

Design of a room with a blowhole panel
Reinforced concrete structure with 29mx 12m dimensions at ground level, and 11m of height, made of a large blast-proof door on one side and a blowhole panel on the other side.

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Studies of blast-proof doors

Justification of the non-missile phenomenon of the door under a blast event
Check by simplified numerical approach, linear numerical approach, and non-linear time-history approach ; and assessment of pressure leaks under blast load

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Design against blast load

Design of a propane tanks storage facility
Pressure calculations according to the UFC 3-340-02 methodology and design of the reinforced concrete strucure made of 4 storage cells

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External blast risks

INB 50 (basic nuclear facility) safety reassessment
Study of buildings behavior under blast load

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Expertise – Risks of external blast

Pôle Fiduciaire Francilien of Banque de France
Expertise of the structures conception and design regarding external blast risks

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Mechanical studies in the context of a CSTB’s certification

Heating and cooling floor system
Check of the mechanical strength of the heating/cooling floor system, made up of insulating material, concrete screed and lining

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