Expertise – Risks of external blast

Pôle Fiduciaire Francilien of Banque de France
Expertise of the structures conception and design regarding external blast risks
Expertise composed as follows :
o Critical analysis of the walls design report against blast supplied in the tender folder.
o Manual calculations in order to determine the equivalent static pressure that the walls have to withstand, based on linear methods. The goal is to assess the order of magnitude of the strains applied to the concrete reinforcement.
o Optimization calculations of the concrete reinforcement based on elasto-plastic analyses, using simplified methodes of UFC 3-340 guide from the American department of defense. Compared to the linear methods, this approach allows to reduct the reinforcement quantities, with the acceptance of more pronounced damage within the structure, in particular residual deformations in the structure after the accidental event.

Dynamic amplification factor Calculation sheet (fictive example)

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