The consideration of seismic risks in the design of structures was once limited to the nuclear industry. Today, a large part of structures are covered by seismic regulations.

Earthquake : complex situations

Seismic phenomena are known to engineers. However, carrying out studies remains delicate. And this because of the methods used and the regulations in force.

This complexity is sometimes the cause of more or less important approximations.

These can lead to inadequate designs, increased construction or repair costs, or even to hasty conclusions that condemn a building to destruction and reconstruction.

What can Sixense necs do for you?

Our experts are regularly solicited to respond to seismic problems. They respond to your needs by proposing a complete and adapted approach, whatever the type of structure.

This may include several services:

  • A preliminary expert opinion
  • A recommendation for an on-site investigation program
  • A study based on analytical analysis or numerical modelling
  • A regulatory physical interpretation
  • A review

We can help you at different levels.

  • Conception of a new structure with difficulties related to the choice of the parameters of the project, the architectural complexity, the calculation of the seismic response, the interpretation of the results, optimization of the reinforcement and the constructive provisions.
  • Revaluation the seismic resistance of a building, a structure, an equipment (crane, bridge crane, racks, industrial equipment, etc.).
  • Diagnostic of an existing building with defects (litigation) according to the most suitable methods (spectral modal, equivalent static, pushover, linear or non-linear transient).
  • Development, justification or certification (ATEX or ATec) of new products, materials or construction processes (thermal bridge breaker, façade cladding, lightweight concrete, ultra high performance concrete)

The more complex your situation, the better we are able to respond.

At Sixense necs, 80% of our missions are related to seismic issues.

Our 800 seismic references accumulated in 20 years of existence are the result of the know-how of our experts, their knowledge of regulations, their mastery of adapted software and the recognition of their peers.

What are our specificities?

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