Reassessment and reinforcement

As your structures age, they show symptoms that signal future problems. Sixense necs can help you extend the operating life of your sites by minimizing the cost of reinforcement work.

Extend the operation of your sites!

Many operators are obliged to keep their structures operational. Despite signs of fatigue, many aging structures cannot be shut down for economic reasons. Adjustments can also be requested in case of a change in the activity of the structure or following a regulatory evolution.

From that moment on, a need arose : to re-evaluate and reinforce the structure quickly.

This requires a reactivity and an expertise allowing to evaluate at best the capacities of the work, to make it pass the stages of validations of new regulations, then to find optimal solutions on a technical and financial level.

What can Sixense necs do for you?

To help you, we define and manage the investigation programs that allow us to characterize the specificities of each structure. Its structure is then digitized and we evaluate the evolution of its behavior in different situations.

Finally, we offer our clients well-founded solutions. This in order to modify or reinforce the work.

Each solution respects strict specifications in line with the reality of the work and budgetary constraints.

To choose us is to combine speed and expertise.

What are our specificities?

Our membership in the Sixense group gives us access to advanced monitoring solutions to quickly analyze your work.

We can deploy a chain of assistance ranging from a first expert opinion to advanced nonlinear transient modeling.

We operate as quickly as possible. Whether it is through an expert opinion in the preliminary phase or in preparation of the work, we guarantee a quick and complete response

At each step we justify, by calculation, our progress, which allows you to have a global vision and to take the best decisions.

We regularly use the results of complex studies and translate them into feasible solutions for companies.

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