Development of business tools

In a study, the business tools allow to clearly define each task. They are the right solution to ensure the best performance and guarantee optimal quality.

Stay creative and realize your projects !

The production of a study represents a significant cost. It requires going through several steps : data collection, analysis, extraction of results and their control.

Nowadays, calculation software is becoming more and more sophisticated. They have an incalculable number of possibilities and are essential in the development of a note. Their computational power is very useful and suitable for complex and advanced studies in which the methodology reserves a part of unknown.

To best meet your needs, we facilitate and improve data processing. Through a simplified graphical interface, we program business knowledge, group and automate tasks. With their advantages, business tools have everything to facilitate the workload :

We develop the ideal business tool for you

Always concerned about your needs, we listen to you and work out together the roadmap of the ideal business tool.

  • Map all study tasks from data entry to report export through the visualization of the variables of interest
  • Identify and optimize repetitive tasks
  • Develop the scenario to create the most appropriate business tool
  • Propose the architecture and the different interfaces of the business tool: solver, calculation software, business processing, export of study notes

The business tools by Sixense necs

  • An intuitive and fluid ergonomics
  • An internal team of developers
  • Certified solutions proven in real operating conditions
  • Most of the necessary interfaces, some of which are royalty-free
  • Local installation of the tools, on one of your centralized servers, or on our own secure servers

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