Shock, impact, fall

Whether they are of accidental origin or the source of malicious acts, it is now possible to anticipate their consequences and limit their effects.

Shock, impact & fall : significant consequences

Shocks, impacts and falls can have significant repercussions on the integrity of your structure, on the safety of your employees and local residents. But also have significant repercussions on the environment. These effects engage your responsibility.

The effects of impacts or shocks, known as fast dynamics, are known to engineers. However, studying them and providing models of them on existing structures or in the design phase is a delicate subject to treat.

This complexity can cause significant calculation approximations. These approximations can lead to designs that are unable to withstand such phenomena and thus increase the cost of corrective measures. Moreover, they often lead to hasty conclusions condemning a building to destruction.

Sixense necs, a consulting office that has been providing civil engineering solutions for 20 years.

At Sixense necs, we are frequently asked to respond to problems related to the risks of shocks and impacts. To answer these questions, we offer a complete approach adapted to all types of needs.

For 20 years, our engineers and experts have been providing concrete and referenced answers in the industrial sector (ICPE), the nuclear sector and civil engineering, and have mastered the directives and regulations associated with these risks.

Our interventions

  • Characterize the probable scenarios of stressors.
  • Evaluate the mechanical behavior of an existing structure or a structure under design following the impact of a stressor.
  • Design solutions to limit the effects of aggression.

These steps can be linked to a request for design, recalculation, numerical modeling, physical and regulatory interpretation, or a balance.

Following an accident, we can also reproduce the whole chain of events to search for the triggering elements, as well as to evaluate the related consequences (shaking, cracking). You can find more information on this subject on our page: damage and expertise.

Our experts respond to the problems of shocks, impacts or falls.

The mastery by our engineers of the adapted and certified software, as well as of the regulations allows to answer with exactitude to each of your requests.

Thanks to our experience feedback, we have developed tools with the capacity to apprehend these phenomena and their consequences. All this with simplified, fast and reliable methods.

We respond to problems according to all project configurations. It can be an emergency notice that validates clearing operations or advanced design studies to optimize protection systems.

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