Mechanical studies in the context of a CSTB’s certification

Heating and cooling floor system
Check of the mechanical strength of the heating/cooling floor system, made up of insulating material, concrete screed and lining
The study main points are :
– area study of 3 500 m² at underground level,
– sandwich floor made of :
o structural elements (reinforced concrete slab on a beam network)
o floor isolating material
o water circulation pipes
o concrete coating
o floor rigid lining material
– definition of load and combination cases
– check of the slab mechanical strength carried out at several locations (standard section, near a free edge, near a corner)
– assessement of the mechanical stress :
o load and stress calculations, and design of solution
o stress calculation by means of the finite element method (Code_Aster software)

Geometric definition Mechanical model description Optimization of the reinforcement Deformation

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