Dolphin advances structural analysis

Dampier Salt Limited’s salt export berth at Mistaken Island – Austraia
Assessemnt of the capacity and identification of the critical elements of seven 43 years old Dolphins by elaboration a detailed three dimensional finite element modeling. Sensitivity linear and non linear computations based on different scenarios of deteriorated materials and failed components: piles corroded, tendons partially or fully corroded, etc.
Freyssinet and Rio Tinto has entrusted NECS to undertake a structural analysis of the existing dolphins at Dampier Salt Limited’s salt export berth at Mistaken Island in Dampier.

The dolphins were constructed 43 years ago. Each dolphin consists of ten piles supporting a reinforced concrete pile cap. The piles are anchored into underlying rock and pile cap with post tensioning tendons. Two fender types are used.

Load cases : dead load, prestressing load, berthing load and mooring load

The scope of this study was to assess the capacity and to identify the critical elements of the dolphins. The next steps are performed to evaluate their capacity :
– 3D FE modelling of the Dolphins (Cylindrial and cone fender models)
– Considering the steel pile thickness loss
– Linear FE analyses
– Determining the most critical elements
– Defining the failure scenarios and sensitivity studies
– Non linear FE analyses considering non linear material behaviour of steel and concerete
– Capacity evaluation of Dolphins for each failure scenario and for different load combination
– Defining the monitoring devices of the dolphins

Dolphin Dolphin deflection Dolphin capacity

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