Numerical modeling, calculations and design for the obtention of CSTB’s certification

Plakagroup/Schock thermal breaker
Modeling of the thermo-mechanical behavior of a thermal breaker equipped building, under gravity and thermal loadings. Design, finite element calculations and study report.
This study was based on the numerical modeling of the themo-mechanical behavior of a thermal breaker equipped building. The loadings taken in account were the gravitaty loads and geometrical variations due to thermic and concrete shrinkage phenomena. The aim of the numerical analyses was to assess the solicitations in the thermal breakers et to compare them with their capacities. The calculations were carried ou for several breaker stiffness configurations, and were firstly carried out for linear elastic behavior of the materials, then for a non linear behavior taking into account concrete cracking and reinforcement bar plastification.The results of this study were submitted and discussed wih CSTB in order to obtain its certification.

Structure mesh and thermal breaker modeling Building distortion under loadings Relative displacements in the thermal breakers

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