Seismic assessment and retrofitting of a public building

Former gendarmerie of Basse-Terre (Guadeloupe, French Caribbean)
Seismic study of the two buildings of the former gendarmerie of Basse-Terre. Reinforced concrete structure : seismic assessment, feasibility study of the rehabilitation project, retrofitting solutions, and final calculation check.
In the context of the high seismic risk in the French Carribean and in accordance with the governemental rehabilition programs, the State decided to carry out vunlerability studies of its housing stock.

In that context, NECS carried out a seismic assessment study of both buildings (2 and 3 levels above ground) of the Basse-Terre former gendarmerie. The project aims at rehabilitating the buildings to provide housing to the national police staff.

The study involded a 3D numerical modelling and a modal-spectral analysis in order to check the structural behaviour to seismic forces and provide retrofitting solutions that are both technically and economically interesting. A final calculation taking into account the adopted retrofitting solution allowed the structural check of the reinforced structures.

Existing structure Modal-spectral analysis and beams/columns assessment Retrofitting solution and modelling of the reinforced structure

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