Seismic assessment and retrofitting of reinforced concrete industrial structure

Building 59 – CEA Marcoule
Seismic study of the building 59 of CEA Marcoule in the context of the 04/10/2010 Ministerial Order regarding classified industrial plants. Assessment of the existing reinforced concrete structure and retrofitting suggestions.
In the context of the construction of a future classified industrial plant intended for storage of contaminated chemical wastes, the building 59 of CEA Marcoule was assessed to seismic forces according to the 04/10/2010 Ministerial Order.

The study was about the seismic behaviour of the existing reinforced structure, the foundations and the internal masonries.

It followed the below steps :
– Document examination
– On site visite
– 3D finite element modeling
– Modal-spectral analysis
– Assessment of reinforced concrete structural elements, foundations and masonries
– Retrofitting suggestions
– Retrofitting works cost estimate
– Check calculation taking into account the retrofitting solution
– Detailed drafting of the retrofitting solution

Plan view of the existing structure Ground-structure interface Modelling and modal-spectral analysis Beams/columns assessment and ground stress

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