Seismic assessment of an underground gaz tank

Mâcon gaz filling plant (STOGAZ)
Seismic study in the context of the 04/10/2010 Ministerial Order regarding classified industrial plants. Assessment of the buried steel tank, the reinforced concrete structure, foundation piles and soil. Suggestions of optimization solutions.
Following an on site visite and a document examination, a 3D finite element modeling and a linear analysis were caried out to assess the seismic behaviour of the buried gas tank, its filling line, the peripheral reinforced concrete structure, the foundation piles and the soil.

The 3D modeling uses linear finite elements (beams, piles, filling line), surfacic finite elements (steel tank, reinforced concrete walls and slab) and volumic finite elements (backfilling material). The dynamic calculation is based on a modal spectral analysis. The results allow to assess the resistance of each element of the structure and the overall stability. Two soil configurations were studied in order to take into account the possibility of liquefaction.

The overall study is in compliance with the 04/10/2010 Ministerial Order regarding classified industrial plants.

3D view of the mesh without backfill Cut of the mesh without backfill Overall view of the modelization with backfill Displacements under live loads Envelopped acceleration Assessment of the foundation piles Study of the soil resistance Assessmenet of the filling line

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