Technical support and studies for the obtention of CSTB’s certification

GBE system (Beaumont – Lafarge)
Technical support in order to obtain the CSTB’s certification for GBE innovation : construction of a double sandwich wall made of two reinforced concrete layers simulteanously cast in situ with an interposed insulating material in between. Structural design of the GBE system : seismic, thermal, gravitationnal and climatic loadings.
The aim of NECS’ mission was to provide a technical support in order to get the CSTB’s certification for the innovative GBE system. The CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment) is a French public research institution whose mission is to gather, develop and share scientific and technical knowledge in the construction field.

NECS carried out the feasability study and the structural design of the GBE system. Loadings taken into account for the studies were seismic, thermal, gravitationnal and climatic loadings.

The CSTB’s certification was obtained for the GBE system.

Mock up of the GBE system Principle sketch Drawing and modelling of the building front Reinforcing steel demand in the wall

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