Design of precast panels for individual housing

Client : Lafarge

Subject : Ductal/Thermédia prefabricated panels
Mission : Design studies for panels intended for the construction of individual houses.

These panels are composed of a Ductal concrete plate mechanically connected to a Thermedia concrete frame. The study focuses on the design and optimisation of the process by structurally involving the outer Ductal plate as a bracing element under earthquake and wind loads.

The prefabricated panels provide the load-bearing structure of the house. They rest on an insulated footing.

In addition, they are composed of an external Ductal sheet of 18 mm thickness and a Thermedia frame. The two elements are mechanically connected by metal rods. These allow the transmission of forces in the plane of the panel, for which the Ductal sheet acts as a bracing element.

Details of the study :

  • Consideration of gravity loads (dead weight, permanent overloads, operating loads), climatic loads (wind, snow), and seismic stresses.
  • Finite element modelling including Ductal plate, Thermedia framing and mechanical connectors.
  • Sensitivity studies on support conditions, connector stiffness, panel geometry, etc., to define the optimal process design.
  • Application of the design to the 8 panels of a house.
  • Panel sizing, formwork drawings, reinforcement drawings.
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