Estimate of the seismic structural margins of the RHF building

Project : Fukushima

Mission : Stress test Fukushima

Assessment of seismic margins through model export and adaptation, non-linear material modelling and dynamic time and push over analysis.

The structure concerns the RHF building, protected by a containment building. Transformation of the model from HERCULE to Code_Aster.

Modelling of the complete building in reinforced concrete. Representation of walls and floors by multi-layer shell elements, and of beams and columns by multi-fibre beam elements, creation of the connection conditions between the floor and the enclosure wall. Nonlinear behaviour laws of materials: concrete (parabola-rectangle law with consideration of the tensile limit, elasto-plastic steel with strain hardening). Non-linear time dynamic analyses. Nonlinear pushover analyses for different seismic loading spectra. Calculation of the resistance margin associated with different earthquake levels.

Évolution des déformations dans l’enceinte et le noyau à différents niveaux de chargement
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