Expertise of damage in a reinforced concrete structure

Subject : Swimming pool of the Chalet “Black Pearl” – Courchevel 1850

Sixense performed non-linear calculations to define the origin of the disorders.

At the same time, our design office carried out standard linear calculations to establish the margin maps and evaluate the deficiencies. Subsequently, our office made a proposal for a reinforcement solution and looping calculation.

The chalet “Black Pearl” was built in 2009 in Courchevel 1850. It has several levels, including one with a swimming pool. The pool is made up of a reinforced concrete frame resting on posts and walls visible in the chalet’s garage. The structure of the swimming pool has suffered from cracks in the underside of the pool, on the sides of the pool walls and from water leaks.

La prestation de Sixense necs :

Photo de la piscine

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